Jonathan Agent for Fashion

About Agent for Fashion

We are a unique consultancy specialising in finding agents for fashion manufacturers throughout the U.K., Ireland and Europe. As we have worked for increasing amounts of European manufacturers we are now able to communicate in German and Dutch also.

Our background

Jonathan Bauer, the founder of A.F.F. has been one of the most successful manufacturers agents in the U.K. and Southern Ireland over the past 25 years, representing many famous labels such as Marie Mero, Klein, RABE, Rosie's, Lucia, Creation Charmante, Kello, Eugen Klein, Atenzione, Happy Fashion, il Collage, Hesselhoj, Linea Mina, Martello, Cava, Anne Feldballe, Divina. Jonathan explains that over this time many manufacturers have been in contact requesting advice/help in finding a suitable agent/rep, therefore A.F.F. has been formed using extensive contacts and knowledge of the market, because of this A.F.F will guarantee success.

What is our objective

To find you the correct agent/agency using our experience and knowledge in the fashion industry.


Our process is very thorough, once we have your profile and all relevant information, we then initiate a selection process, finding the most suitable agent/agency for your product/collection. Then all the relevant information about the agent is passed to you, such as; which other manufacturers/labels does this agent represent, does the agent work from a showroom or a hotel, does the agent attend trade fairs etc.. A meeting can then be arranged between you and the agent. We will contact you over the next 12 months to confirm you are happy with the agent/agency of your choice through A.F.F.. If you are not, we will look for another agent/agency without further cost.


A part payment is required to start our search process and the final balance is only payable once you have agreed to the appointment of the agent/agency.